May 29 , 2009

News - This week we forego Weather (it is raining, still) and Cityscape (which will be available online soon, we have come to know...) and instead embrace the beauty of this early emerald summer of '09. Really, does anyone remember the last time we went into June with this much green around us ~ makes you feel all healthy and vulnerable to the call of outdoor activities.
We collected 8 segues from today's show: One Tyrus and Joni talk about this awfully odd weather we've been having lately. Two Tyrus and Joni talk about the reopening of Jackson's Grill out on 89A on the way down to Sedona. Three Tyrus and Joni talk about Smokey the Bear and the reminders to use care with your campfires this time of year. Four Joni tells us all just what her favorite things about this rain include... Five Tyrus and Joni talk about the F.I.R.E efforts to get medical professionals involved in their Mongolia efforts and an NAU event: The Diablo Trust, a northern Arizona collaborative land management team, will exhibit their 3rd “Reflections of the Land” show from June 2 – July 31 at the NAU Art Museum.  A reception, featuring live music, dance and readings will be held June 6, from 5:30 – 8 p.m. at the museum and nearby Ashurst Auditorium. Six While Tyrus waits for Joni to return from shopping a dress for the Adult Prom over at the Orpheum on the 6th...Robert Kelty, AZ Teacher of the Year for 2008, stopped by to tell us about a March 4 Schools taking place on May 30th on the lawn at City Hall.  Seven Joni reminds us that Tony Norris will be performing at a fundraiser on June 5th at the Episcopal Church. Eight A quicj adieu and a little more conversation on our skydiving granny Jean Jennings ...reminder...the Girl Scouts fundraiser .... May 30th 11AM-3PM at the VFW, Post 1709 on W. Sante Fe.

Brian Grubbe - of the Recreation Dept. plays host to our Parks and Recreation segment here this week.,,, at the Aquaplex. This week Brian invited us to peek in on the National Senior Health & Fitness Day this past week over at the Aquaplex on 4th Street. It was well attended, quite, and from our vantage point ~ it was also a lot of fun.

Kimberly Ott - This week Kimberly reminds us of a great resource we have in our Public Library. She tells about the great events our library has planned and, ... something about an annual teddy brear picnic. FLAGSTAFFPUBLICLIBRARY.ORG Visit the City Website to keep up on other such info in our community.

AZDailySun - Editor Randy Wilson hosts our AZ Daily Sun segment this week: Reporter Daniel Berk gives us the story on Sinaqua High School track star Brian Schrader. Reporter Betsy Bruner tells us about a lady angler who has a passion for the poisson and Randy Wilson gives us a short editorial this week. Kiplinger’s Personal Finance named Flagstaff among its Best Cities of 2009 — the only Arizona city to make the top 10 list. Randy has a comment.

James Frazier - "Historic Flagstaff Arizona" These are done for FLAGNEWS by a really first tier commercial artist and compositor ~ James Frazier. So ... if anyone out there is looking to support local artists... TV commercials, anyone?... .you may want to consider James. He provides these vignettes as a gesture of community service. We encourage you to check out his portfolio!

Jean Jennings - Our skydiving granny from Doney Park, you may recall her from our story on her from the 15th of May when we broke the news that this 82 year old daredevil planned do do this jump this past did it. Here is the footage to prove it!!!

Tony Norris - This week Tony does a number by his old friend Utah Phillips "the golden voice of the west". In this Phillips tune we get a peek into some of the unseen West. The Telling Takes Me Home, by Utah Phillips.

Mitzy Bellini - Just got back from Russia where she went for a little visit with her cousin Tatiana Bellini . Mitzy as, usual, has all the tips on the haps in and around our little town by the big mountain. You can always e-mail activities you would like mentioned at

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