May 25, 2007


Full Show ~ Eclectic and timely.

Intoduction Tony in his living room, a first.

News with Kevin Elston this week.
Jaqui Foreman, a long time Flagstaff entertainer graces us with a couple of her tunes. If you enjoy these intimate vignettes you'll want to check out her website to see where she's playing around town.
"Luthier" Bill Burke, gives Tony a peek at his shop and talks a little about the art of mandolin making. This is great for anyone interested in making their own musical instruments. There is a great interview with Bill done by the Flagstaff Friends of Traditional Music a couple years back you may want to visit. Click here for interview

Johnny Mac is back from his adventures across the pond with talk of patience for travellers. So when you see the guy at the light in front of you trying to figure out where he's going you may want to reconsider before laying it on the horn...

Bonner Banner In this installment of Billy Ray's cultural commentary, he gives us his full and honest review of 28 Weeks Later -a popular "scary" movie making the rounds right now. As a music credit: SUNRISE by Matt Robinson

Cheryl Miller sits down with Jen Stalter, an occasional contributer of FLAG LIVE, to tell us about a wonderful NAU School of Forestry summer program for children. If you are trying to raise a couple future "protectors of the forest", responsible stewards of one of our planets most vital resources AND ensure they have a good time learning it, you may want to look into this.

Weather and now for something completely different.

Hula Hoop Hollywood fringe entertainer and hoop performance artist "grasshopper" was passing through town, on his way to yet another NOT mainstream gathering of performers and musicians, when we caught him. This is kewl.
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