May 22 , 2009

News - This week we forego Weather (it is raining) and Cityscape (which will be available online soon) and instead we become all consumed by our special milestone. We are 3 years old!...
We collected 7 segues from today's show: One Tyrus and Joni welcome you to the 3rd Anniversary show this week ~ boasting a third birthday is not something we do every day... Thanks Flagstaff, and Sam & Henry, for putting up with us! Two Tyrus and Joni explain the story behind the thrice candled cupcake, of adorable chololatey goodness (according to Joni), birthday gesture the Mayor presented to us this week at the City Council session of the 19th. Three Candles on the cupcake are lit, the mystery guest who shares in this natal celebration is explained, almost, and goodwill of every stripe is openly promoted. Four Joni reminds Tyrus that they had better blow out the candles and make wishes... Five Tyrus and Joni talk about the Girl Scouts holding fundraisers here in the near future.... May 30th 11AM-3PM at the VFW, Post 1709 on W. Sante Fe. Six Joni tells us about some interesting events coming up down at Ft. Tuthill.  Seven Tyrus and Joni thank all their, TV, Internet,...viewers for their continued support and wish everyone watching a very "Happy Birthday" of their own.

Brian Grubbe - of the Recreation Dept. plays host to our Parks and Recreation segment here this week.,,, at the Aquaplex. This week Brian finds Eric Bobkowski, Flagstaff's recreation coordinator for things like the CLIMBING WALL ~ gets the low down details on all the cool climbing activities going on ...up the the Aquaplex over on 4th Street.

Kimberly Ott - This week Kimberly wishes us, herself included, a happy birthday.....there might be a dancing purple monkey in this segment...but I don't want to give anything away. Kimberly also gets us down to the important info with Watering Rules...Visit the City Website to keep up on other such info in our community.

AZDailySun - Editor Randy Wilson hosts our AZ Daily Sun segment this week: Reporter Betsy Bruner gives us the story on the Museum of Northern Arizona's Zuni festival going on this weekend . Reporter Larry Hendriks tells us about a job nobody seems to want here in Flagstaff and Randy Wilson gives special recognition to AZDailySun photographer Josh Biggs ~ who conspicuously placed, first or second, and was honorably mentioned in numerous Arizona Press Club award categories for photographs used in Arizona journalism for 2008. For a slideshow of his assignment on a pair of local autistic children, one which drew the widest acknowledgement at this years APC awards, click here.

James Frazier - "Historic Flagstaff Arizona" These are done for FLAGNEWS by a really first tier commercial artist and compositor ~ James Frazier. So ... if anyone out there is looking to support local artists... TV commercials, anyone?... .you may want to consider James. He provides these vignettes as a gesture of community service. We encourage you to check out his portfolio!

Sam & Henry - Owners of the Weatherford Hotel, let Tyrus in to their offices for a visit this past week. He found the day he stopped by, Tuesday I think he mentioned, was the 34th anniversary of Henry and his brother purchasing the Hotel. Henry and Sam rib Tyrus a bit on his tenure here at the Hotel ~ and Henry shares some colorful memories of a couple residents who graced the Weatherford in years gone by.

Tony Norris - Tony Norris was the first person Tyrus talked to about the idea of FLAGNEWS. They had coffee over at the Downtown Diner and Tyrus presented Tony with the idea of a local weekly infotainment sort of adventure....featuring good news and local folk. Tony liked the idea and has been a full time contributor to the show since day 1 (one). Here Tony shares a few of the pictures he has collected over the years... some are just plain funny.

Mitzy Bellini - Just got back from Hawaii where she went for a little beach R&R and some fresh ...monkeys?. Mitzy as, usual, has all the tips on the haps in and around our little town by the big mountain. You can always e-mail activities you would like mentioned at

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