May 15 , 2009

News - We collected 8 segues from today's show: One Tyrus and Joni welcome you to the show this week boasting of the GREEN that is in the full on late Spring earky Summer of Flagstaff. Two Tyrus and Joni talk about the zillions of pairs of shoes Joni discovered in her closet this past week. Three Tyrus tells us that he hasa stack of broken grandmother clocks in his closet, some sleeping bags and mismatched and one shoe only pairs... Four Tyrus and Joni talk about an Email they received from a Louisiana viewer about an 82 year old Grandmother who has decided her life will be more complete if she takes a jump out of an airplane. Jean Jennings of Doney Park plans to skydive on the 26th of this month. Five Tyrus and Joni talk about their lack of inclination to jump from airplanes ...Joni suggests Jean remember to wear a helmet. Six Joni tells us about some interesting events coming up down at Ft. Tuthill.  Seven This actually our sign-off segment this week. Eight More of the skydiving Grandmother to take us out this week... Adieu ~ from the mountain village ~ hamlet place ~ town that time forgot...that we love...

Brian Grubbe - of the Recreation Dept. plays host to our Parks and Recreation segment here this week.,,, at the Aquaplex. This week Brian finds Clint Rose, Flagstaff's recreation coordinator for aquatics, in the middle of swimming laps ~ gets the low down and splashy details on all the cool and soggy activities going on up river thre Aquaplex over on 4th Street.

Cityscape- This week we are reminded about this summer's adult tennis schedule, concerts in the park and signing kids up for summer camp.

Kimberly Ott - This week Kimberly tells us of a trend, a gesture ...a movement possibly, of different Flagstaff communities efforts to establish some expressiojn of their unique identity, their character ...create a neighborhood association. As in the Southside, Sunnyside and Old Town all politics are local so this effort, supported by the City, seeks to shape the geographic outlines of our vartious communities and provide information relevant to them through the City's website. Visit the City Website to keep up on other such info in our community.

AZDailySun - Editor Randy Wilson hosts our AZ Daily Sun segment this week: Reporter Betsy Bruner gives us the story on St. Mary's foodbank opening up next door to the AZDailySun offices on W. Rt. 66. Reporter Joe Ferguson tells speaks to the good and the bad of shrinking home prices in this decidedly soft housing market ... and Randy Wilson takes us out this week with kind mention of the Northern Arizona Trail Runners Association schedule of events.

James Frazier - "Historic Flagstaff Arizona" These are done for FLAGNEWS by a really first tier commercial artist and compositor ~ James Frazier. So ... if anyone out there is looking to support local artists... TV commercials, anyone?... .you may want to consider James. He provides these vignettes as a gesture of community service. We encourage you to check out his portfolio!

Jean Jennings - And in the Email subject line we got from an X-Flagstaff native living in Louisiana... it reads: 82 year old Flagstaff Grandmother jumps out of a PLANE! ....we decided to investigate. It's true, almost (we'll keep you posted on all this) Grandma Jean plans a skydiving adventure for the 26th of this month...taking off at 9:00 AM from Cottonwood Airport.

Tony Norris - Gives us some rather interesting statistics this week. He makes mention of the Swine Flu and the odds of being effected by it... holds this in relation to the level of publicity this illness has received in the media and the odds of other challenges befalling us. For Tony's performance schedule ~ visit his website.

Mitzy Bellini - Just got back from Florida where she went for a little beach R&R and some fresh grapefruit. Mitzy as, usual, has all the tips on the haps in and around our little town by the big mountain. You can always e-mail activities you would like mentioned at

Tyrus - Gives the weather. This week he steps up to tell us ... that we will have more dry, warm weather....more dry and more warm...

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