May 11, 2007


Full Show ~ All of it. The whole kit and kaboodle.

Intoduction Tony tells us what to expect with this extravaganza of epic proportions.

News with Mary Jane Peters (Kevin Elston is visiting his circus cousins in Minsk)
Flagstaff Public Library 's Karl Nygrem and Heidi Holland bring us up to date on the library's new bookmobile and all it's wonderful amenities.

Melissa Dunstan from brings up to speed on the upcomming "Bike to Work Week"

Two minutes with a Traveler We try something new with this one. It's a short on a traveler who ends up in Flagstaff without really planning to. Sound familiar?

Word with James Jay. He does a poem by some foreigner that'll rattle your soul. Catch this!

Joe Bodin from Flagstaff Central, the oldest and most affordable compendium Flagstaff community activities and services on the internet, talks about the many amazing services they provide us for free and he introduces us to a couple highly usefull services you might have never suspected they could even do with a computer.
Weather Wacky Jackie proves he's not just another Al Roker wammabe with this segment.
Zane Grey Lecture A month ago Flagstaff authors Richard and Sherry Mangum , the period costumed couple who give the free Sunday tours of downtown Flagstaff, gave a lecture at the Sedona Historical Society on Zane Grey. You will be surprised at just what a profound influence Grey has had on the shaping of "American" identity. Champion of the strong silent type of male and the wishy washy female, whon he is always obliged to save, the cowboy is always one of virtue who overcomes all odds. Grey was the father of the American "Wesern Novel" AND he was the first to create authentic realizations of these stories in cinema. He was an architect of archytype in both literature and cinema; father of the cowboy.
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