May 2, 2008

Full Show - This week we talk about busses, coffee, politics, the possibility of a low wattage radio station in Sunnyside, the upcoming "Bike to Work Week", the festivities around Cinco de Mayo, and the interesting fact of "Good Morning Arizona" visiting us here at the Weatherford on the 7th......whew are we outta breath.

Intro - Tyrus and Angela find themselves across the street from Macy's coffee shop this week to start the show. Turns out Rob, from Biff's Bagels, who has a botany degree (don't you just love the local "Poverty With a View" fact that more often than not the worker who is toasting your bagel or pulling your coffee is extremely educated)...Rob got a job with Flagstaff Native Plant and Seed!
News - Angela Cooper from Blackhound Gallery is becoming something of a regular with us these days. She and Tyrus cover lots of local bases on the upcoming news front for this coming week. They enjoy coffee at Macy's and mull over all that is beautious for the next calendar week.

Eagle 103.7 - Of course the exciting news in these here parts is that the media folks from AZ 3 TV, the Good Morning Arizona cast and crew, will be recording their award winning entertainment from right here in the Weatherford Hotel on the 7th. The public is invited to act as audience for this Valley celeb throw down. It starts kinda early, like 5:30 AM, but it ought to be a hoot to play along!!!

Kimberly Ott - This week the city info-meisters bring us the very best in Bike to Work Week info. Both Kimberly and Heather remind us about the bike thing!!!

Heather Airnardi - of the Flagstaff Convention and Visitors Bureau talks to Anthony Quintile of the Flagstaff Biking Organization for guessed it...a summary of the Bike to Work Week festivities! It begins on the 11th; don't say you didn't know.

Sinaqua High School - They're back! Yes the intra mural sports events from around our fair berg are again chronicled by those intrepid reporters over at Mustang Media. We can't say enough great things about these young people and the discipline they bring to local sports reporting.

Tony Norris - is joined by his grandson Noah this week for a musical memory sure to make you smile. I don't care what your musical tastes or age. This is pure Tony Norris Gold.

Elizabeth Archuleta and Coral Evans - Join us for a tasting on the opening day of Flagstaff's newest Mexican Food offering; Tacos Locos ~ on the Southside (just East of Beaver on Phoenix). Archuleta, who has been instrumental in helping us build this gem of a public transit system here in town, reminds us of the importance of our votes on the green ballots many of us still have sitting on sideboards around town. 401-405 all need your close scrutiny if you care to have this transit system endure and prosper. Evans tells us there is a low wattage radio transmitter system just sitting down in Tucson with Sunnyside written all over it. They just need someone to get it up here so the low wattage fun can begin here in Flagstaff! And both give us the info for Cinco de Mayo.

Signoff - The young Isaac Perlmans from Marshall Elementary could not be cuter in this credit roll clip. See this violin concert thay offered the public in Heritage Square this week.



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