May 1 , 2009

News - We collected 8 segues from today's show: One Tyrus and Joni welcome you to a new and improved free range FLAGNEWS this week ~ we're not exactly sure what dropped into their feed bags today, but, there it is. Thereis an ...a p o l o g i a... moment when Tyrus confesses to Joni that he has not participated in any May Pole moments around town... Two Tyrus and Joni are pleased to announce, or at least mention with heartfelt community pride, the new "Recession Beater Coffee" now being offered down at Macy's. OK, we are, whether or not all of us choose to recognize the fact, in this together....and with this uncontrovertable fact in mind Macy's European Coffee Haus has decided to act on fundamental American principals of fraternity by offering a cup'a JOE for under a buck!... Yes, you heard right ~ coffee for less than a fast food franchise dollar menu burger for the duration of this very real recession. While we as a nation glance away from the Narcissus pool of abject and self serving capitalism for capitalism's sake ~ and are forced by circumstance to revisit our core ideas on things like money, property, governance and ...well.. the whole social contract in general ~ it is warming to know that the pure mountain airs of our little town ~ clean, clean water and an abundance of outdoors ~ help us raise some pretty neighborly neighbors. Macy's ... for a hot cup that smells like community and tastes like heaven.  Three Tyrus and Joni mention that fishing is good right now and they give us a little update on the lake conditions around Flagstaff. Four The 2010 U.S. Census is the topic for this seguy as Tyrus and Joni help walk us through the fine points, er,,,,ahem, try to ease the frayed nerves in some of our outskirt communities in this still very small and very Western town... that while theyimagined Census workers suspicious, and may have met them with guns and fast questions, the Census is a GOOD THING, and ought not be met with alarm. Five Joni tells us that Tony Norris will be playing with Bill Burke on WED, 5.6, at the Wine Loft. Tyrus makes mention of the new Hollywood picture, Wolverine, that premiered in Tempe last week. Six Joni and Tyrus talk about the Flagstaff Figure Skating Club, who will be having their annual Spring Exhibition at the Jay Lively Activity Center and Ice Arena on May 9, 2009 from 4:15 to 5:45.  Skaters of all ages and abilities will perform to various styles of music. Sound like a fun time.  Seven Tyrus and Joni maks a quick slide to the weather segment. Eight Adieu ~ from the mountain village ~ hamlet place ~ town that time forgot...that we love....

Brian Grubbe - of the Recreation Dept. plays host to our Parks and Recreation segment here this week.,,, at Flagstaff's new Thorpe Park Soft/Hard ball complex with Kris Walsh and Rachel Buzzard. Gotta tell you folks, we here at FLAGNEWS are awfully glad we got this sports complex all built, and the sod laid, before this recession set in. It is grand and it is beautiful and we'll all get plenty of use out of this most excellent facility. Thanks.

Randy Pellatz- Our City's Utilities Director gives us an amusement you'll have to smile over AND he is sure to let us know that the City's water level is healthy this year as we head into summer. He also mentions that with these water levels we will not need to impose water restrictions this year...yeah!

Kimberly Ott - This week Kimberly helps us remember that the summer hours for the City Hall are now in effect. 7 AM - 4 PM. The City consultants who have been working on new ideas for the Zoning Code will be having a sort of open house to answer questions and show where things are at ... on May 7th @ 5:30 at City Hall. Visit the City Website to keep up on other such info in our community.

AZDailySun - Editor Randy Wilson hosts our AZ Daily Sun segment this week: Reporter Betsy Bruner gives us a reminder about Janna Dahl, a Russian artist currently painting a mural for the Literacy Volunteers of Coconino County. Joe Ferguson tells us tells the recession demanded cutbacks in our City budget, worked out this past week, have turned out to be not as bad as expected... this is good news. In closing Randy tells us that the presribed burns around town are part of a thinning program that has the blessings of the Grand Canyon Trust.

David Grandon - Our artiste officianado empressario and all round great neighbor, David Grandon gives us the heads up for artistic moments we will not want to miss. While he was recording this month's installment a couple guys from a 20 piece Brazilian percussion outfit stopped in to say hi. David also makes mention of the David B. Harton pigs down at Beaver St. Gallery...we think these Cadillac quality art pigs are well worth the visit. Fine art ~ yeah!

Tony Norris - In sympathy to all the hard working men and women who have helped make our country strong, this is MAY DAY after all, Tony offers a coal miner song this week. Billy Ed Wheeler's Coal Tattoo. For more of Tony, his performance schedule, his world view and thoughts on springtime visit his website.

Mitzy Bellini - Just got back from Woody Mountain Road, seems she gets out doors a little more often than Tyrus. Mitzy is rumored to have hiked a bit and looked about and was gifted with visitations from quite the menagerie out there. You can always e-mail her with activities you would like mentioned at

Tyrus - Gives the weather ~ wet weather this weekend with moderate and cooler temps for the week agead. Not cold actually just cool and gardener moist ~.

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