April 11, 2008

Full Show - This week we get into the Springtime spirit, if there really is such a spritely thing to be had publicly up here on the berg. But things really are awfully pleasant this time of year. The scope of our offering this week will speak for itself.

Intoduction - T.S. Eliot's opening lines to The Wasteland intro to this week's show "April is the cruellest month..." as Tyrus makes his way up the street and into the Weatherford.

News - This week instead of news Tyrus interviews Tony. We felt this sort of thing a little overdue. Tony entertains us each and every week but we rarely get a chance to just sit with the Maestro and chat for a minute. This week we thought we'd do just that. We like what we saw.

Eagle 103.7 - Seems the talk of the morning was the intended Horizon Air offering of 2x daily service from FLG to LAX. Beginning in June... Flagstaff wil cease being soley the provenance of PHX folk looking for the quaint and quiet weekend home in the mountains ~ as the LAX crowd will soon be strolling down the avenues as well. Too, this does make it a little easier for all of us up here to get to the beach without having to drive 1,000 hours spending $10,000 for gas ~ hmmmmmmm.

Kimberly Ott - Gives us the annual heads up on all this road cinder clean-up. Thogh the cinders add substantially less salt to the streams and rivers in these parts, less than actual salt we've started using on the roads, the dust from volcanic cinders can be a bit rough on your lungs. Vitreous dust anyone?

Arboretum at Flagstaff - Heather Ainardi, of the Flagstaff Convention and Visitors Bureau takes us out to the Arboretum for a bit of a teaser on the Birds of Prey programs they have running out there. We like the bird but could never afford the butcher bills to keep one as a pet.

Sinaqua High School - Sent us another fine sports report this week. These kids make hitting one of those pitches look a little too easy. We can barely even see the ball...

Tony Norris - Makes it all look so effortless. His easy manner and excellent ear for the truth in a song really shines in this week's offering.

Angela Cooper - Is our special guest this week. Her contributions to the arts in these parts is fairly well known. She is a stylist an actress and empressario. This June she is doing Woody Allen's Play it Again Sam over at Theatrikos . Don't think we won't be telling all our friends.

Signoff - Tyrus bids adieu from the front of the Weatherford. Short and sweet.




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