April 4, 2008

Full Show - This week we have a fairly mixed bag of springtime treats for all of you. It just so happens that today's show falls on the anniversary of Rev. Martin Luther King's passing (40 tears ago). We salute Dr. King's work, and his legacy and make no bones about it as you will see in today's show. There are other amazing stories but his story is a special one for our Nation.

Intoduction - Back on the 2nd floor mezzanine of the Weatherford Hotel, Tyrus gives us the low down for today's show.

News - This week Tyrus fly's this solo from indoors. It's still a bit chilly out ~ and ...well...he just thought it'd be just a little nostalgic to give the neighborhood updates from the mezzanine. It seems like it'd been a little too long.

Eagle 103.7 - Well we got into the subject of Dr. Martin Luther King with Rob & Sam over at the Eagle this morning. It seems the lot of us were just a little bewildered at the lack of newspaper coverage on this milestone of National significance ~ the 4th decade mark of Dr. King's passing. So we rembered him on air for the folks that were tuned in.

Kimberly Ott - If you have an opinion on the future of Flagstaff's mass transit, highways and byways about town or any other transportation issues, you may want to tune in to Kimberly's segment with Flagstaff Metropolitan Planning Organization's David Wessel. He tells us about the transpo forums on the horizon.

John Tannous - From the Coconino Center for the Arts gives us the heads up on their 6th annual Recycled Art chow opening this weekend. From the looks of thisgs "another man's trash" can be coaxed into an entire gallery of beautiful art. We suggest a visit.

Heather Ainardi - from the Flagstaff Convention and Visitors Bureau gives us a glimpse inside what's happening up at the Lowell Observatory here on Mars Hill. It looks like there's plenty of springtime activities planned for the kids so you may want to make plans.

Tony Norris - Takes us back to his first guitar and the first song he learned to play. I am sure this will strike a chord in most of our viewers. And we bet that some day the name of this song will become an important trivial persuit question in these parts. XLNT Tony!

Dengue Fever - Rob Dowers, from the morning show at Eagle 103.7 FM was kind enough to answer our call and volunteer to interview this music and cultural phenomenon Dengue Fever. He is a fan so it was not really that much of a hard sell. Check out their website.




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