April 3, 2009

News - We collected 9 segues from today's show: One Tyrus puffs ad nauseum on the airey and acoustic atmospherics traditional to our region this time of year. Joni is good natured and free with her "...in like a lion, out like a lamb." (A March thing) The phrase apparently has its origins with the constellations Leo, the Lion, and Aries, the ram or lamb. It has to do with the relative positions of these constellations in the sky at the beginning and end of the month. But, well, we apply it to April here on FLAGNEWS and we suggest it has to do with the winds that will probably be howling in through here all month long. Two Joni shares with us the entertainment most remembered from her birthday fete this last week. It is called Fill-or-bust We are imagining it is a new Yahtzee sort of family get together game ...like the Contract Bridge we used to play in study hall or, these days, Texas Hold-em of the pub folk. Three Tyrus and Joni share their love of the Flagstaff Arboretum...penstamen, birds of prey and such... Four Tyrus stumbles through telling Joni just how much his MOM likes the Daily News segment on our show. Five Here, Tyrus and Joni comment on the Mayor's announcement, her selection, with Phoenix Mayor Gordon Brown, to work closely with the White House on matters Arizonan. Six Although the Sinaqua segment for this week is a repeat of last, we didn't get a segment from them for this week due to AIMS testing, we always enjoy their contribution to our show. Seven Tyrus and Joni end up recording this segue just as the train is passing by. This becomes the perect opportunity to comment on the scheduled demise of the noise nuisance these trains have been contributing to our community for 6 score + years now. APRIL has been talked about as the end of this, the changes ought to be made by the end of the month. Eight Tyrus and Joni talk about the house pets and their lack of representation in this time of stimulus and recession. Nine Adieu ~ from the windy... hamlet.

Jessica Stephens -the CVB takes us out to the Arboretum, and YES they opened this past week. We recommend a visit out there if you get some free time. Between the plants and the eco info you can find, the "birds of prey" (Tyrus' favorite) and the fresh air it is a weekend spot to get away to on par with just about anything else we can think of.

Kimberly Ott - Brings it all back home this week. Well, not literally. She tells us about funds that are available to Flagstaff homeowners who might be looking for financial help to winterize their homes this Spring. We hope these funds are also available for people who do not live in houses, but rather manufactured homes or trailers in the "mobile home"parks that dot the mix and match patchwork of the neighborhoods in our economically ecumenical town. Visit the City Website to keep up on other such info in our community.

AZDailySun - Editor Randy Wilson hosts our AZ Daily Sun segment this week: Reporter Betsy Bruner gives us an update on a story she wrote this week on NAU student Jonathan Sangster who has directed the play Catholic School Girls for a Second Stage Student Directed Production running now in the NAU Studio Theatre . Reporter Abbie Gripman tells about a beautiful trip she took with her family down the san Juan River. Randy ealls us about a USGS astrogeologist who designs cool 3-D maps of the surface of Saturn’s Titan.

Mayor Sara Presler - Joins us this week for a very special announcement . We'd rather you heard it from her, rather than spoil the surprise. Too, she plugs the safe bicycling policy she has been championing now since she took office. A chicken in every pot and a helmet for every child bicyclist. This is not a bad thing. We love the care she is showing for our kids on this helmet issue. Rock on!

Tony Norris - You are in for a treat this week. Tony, asked to come up with a number that reflected both the time of year for us up here on the mountain, and the time of year for the religious calendars many NAZonians keep with their families. He delivers, Norris style! For more of Tony, his performance schedule, visit his website.

Mitzy Bellini - Just got back from protesting for pets rights at the G20 conference over there across thre great pond. We agree with her. The animals we love need to be included in the economic future we are all shaping now. You can always e-mail her with activities you would like mentioned at mitzybellini@gmail.com

Sinaqua High School - Sinaqua High School does their thing again this week ~ Tennis before April... That's right. Before Easter has come and gone the Flagstaff Eagles and Sinaqua Mustangs are seen here battling things out on the tennis courts at Thorpe Park this past week. The Eagles prevailed 8-1, swept doubles and won 5 of the 6 single matches. But then this is the first year for Sinaqua to have a tennis team... they'll develop into a great team, we're sure. In softball Sinaqua lost to Alache Junction 5-4 in spirited play.

Rob Dowers - from Eagle 103.7 is back with the FLAGNEWS week ahead in weather. Looks like we are in for a wind, wind and more wind. Just in time for Passover and Easter.

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