March 28, 2008

Full Show - This week we start and end our show at Pump House Wash off to the East of I-17 at the Kachina Village-Mountainaire exit and the creek that leads us south to Oak Creek-Sedona-Verde River. Heather spends the day with us at the pool table down at Charly's and there's plenty more to whet you Flag-o-licious appetites.

Intoduction - Joey showed up this week for a fix on his editing needs and took the time to put together this elegant montage of the Pump House Wash and creek heading south from Kachina Village. It's exciting times this Spring ~ what a difference an "average" year of precipitation can do to the absolute joy lever of the plant and animal life here.

News - This week Heather Ainardi, from the Flagstaff Convention and Visitors Bureau, sits in for this week's news session. Well, she doesn't just sit - exactly - she joins Tyrus at the pool table downstairs at Charly's and helps present the segment while they take a tour of 8-ball to a surprize ending..

Eagle 103.7 - We're back with those guys who run the very best in local radio; Rob & Sam in the Morning at the Eagle 103.7 FM... it's nice to know that they really enjoy yheir work ~ they put up with us in very fine spirits.

Kimberly Ott - If there's one this that is for certain Kimberly Ott's segment, brought to you each and every week from Flagstaff City Hall, it's that if you want to stay in the know for Flagstaff City Governmnet issues ~ you need to watch.

JKarna Otten - Most of our regular viewers know Karna. She has performed as a musician innumerable times on this show. And if you go out for music you know she manages the Tuesday night open mic here at Charly's AND the monthly Goddess Get Down as well. Few of you might have known that she is also heavily involved in CSA; Community Supported Agriculture. If you want to be part of a small but growing group that actually DOES something about reducing the petrol used to move your organic produce you may want to consider watching this.

Heather Ainardi - from the Flagstaff Convention and Visitors Bureau gives us the rundown on "what's the haps" here in the little town by the big mountain. And, as usual, she alway has some great ideas on how you might want to spend some of this amazing Spring weather.

Tony Norris - is back from Mexico. He stopped by, on his way to a slew of engagements this weekend and next week, to give us a little chat from the Southside Community Garden ~ makes you want to get those seeds planted.

Sinaqua High School - provides us with some rather seasonal sports this week. If you've been ready for a little baseball highlight and can't get enough at ESPN, you may want to take a look at what our local athletes have been up to this past week. "Play Ball!"

Signoff - Another look at a beautiful moment on the Pump House creek. Really beautiful. If you need directions just call the Highlands Fire Department. They are most kind and helpfull.




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