March 21, 2008

Full Show - This week we run our Native American News from Northern Arizona, NANNA, segment. Thie comes up at the most opportune moment as The Longest Walk 2 rolled into town here today, Friday 3.21, and the Flagstaff festivities began with a prayer on the Peaks.

Intoduction - Tyrus took a chance and dashed out to Grand Falls this week ~ in hopes of maybe, just maybe getting a little falls footage. What he brings back is pretty amazing. Our falls are taller than Niagra, run only when the high desert gets enough percipitation, and is a blessing to behold when spring sloughs off the excess of winter's gifts ~ a beautiful torrent.

News - This week James Jay and Tyrus are kicking it back over at the Weatherford ~ a little R&R from all the jockying around the hither and yon of the NorthCountry this week. It's nice to sit inside now and then.

Outta Your Backpack Media - There are few places on the cultural topography of our small berg that do so much for so many with so little. The Outta Your Backpack Media crew over at Táala Hooghan, 1926 N. 4th St. regularly turns out the buds of some world class filmmakers from their small collaborative media workshops. And here we give the world a sample titled "Real Love". Excellent ~ "...the best work of it's kind to ever get produced in our town."
Tyrus Coursey:FLAGNEWS

Kimberly Ott - This week Kimberly Ott helps us all to understand just how much Tony Norris has been appreciated by the Flagstaff Public Library's Bookmobile story telling gig. The funding is up for this well recieved treat to seniors in or community and now th city is looking for alternatives...right here on our show. Mayb ethey should all tune in to Tony's segment right here...hmmmmmmmmm.

Jamescita Peshlakai - Brings us the monthly Native American News from Northern Arizona this week with her interviews from the Longest Walk 2 "On Feb. 11th, Longest Walk participants embarked on a 5 month journey from San Francisco to Washington, D.C. arriving on July 11th. The Longest Walk south route is being led by AIM co-founder Dennis J. Banks. It is an extraordinary grassroots effort on a national level to bring attention to the environmental disharmony of Mother Earth, sacred site issues, and to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the original longest walk."

James Jay - Gives us the word on the 11th Annual Northern Arizon Book Festival. His guests today are Michael, the Director of the Festival and local poet Jill Divine. The festival is the 25th and 26th of April, but you may want to start making plans. This year looks really HOT!!!

Signoff - A secong glance at the Grand Falls with Macy's coffee experts James and Ashe.




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