March 20 , 2009

News - News - We collected 8 segues from today's show: One Joni tells about he visit to Lake Havasu City and the London Bridge and Tyrus tells about redirecting his AIG retention check to the auto workers unions in Detroit. Two While Tyrus seems preoccupied with giving this weeks lineup Joni mentions that she ran into our City Hall reporter, Kimberly Ott, at a retail shop here in FLG. It is another star struck moment in Flagtown... Three Tyrus tries to make excuses for wearing his winter hat all the way up to the first day of spring. Four Passing talk about the AZ Daily Sun having a website and an intro to the interview between Sierra Club's Andy Bessler and James Peshlakai on the upcoming Gathering For Mother Earth coming up on April 4th out at Cameron. Five Here, Tyrus and Joni make a quick segue from the Native American News segment to Tony Norris and granddaughter singing an awfully cute song about AIG. Six A quick toss to the Sinaqua High School segment...where the Ice Hockey team has something to skate about. Seven Tyrus and Jon offer a reminder that Earth Day is right around the corner here in FLG and if you'd like some information on this you may want to visit: the City Page for the April 18th happening. Eight adieu ~

Jessica and Justin -from the the Flagstaff Visitors Center sport Visitors Center jackets as they talk about the Spring season and the opening of the Flagstaff Arboretum coming up sooner that you think. For mor info visit the Visitors Center website.

Kimberly Ott- Talks about some planned construction for the Lake Mary road...all the way out to Clints Well. You may want to visit the City Website to keep up on other such events in our community.

AZDailySun - City editor Laura Clymer hosts our AZ Daily Sun segment this week: With March madness being all around us Clymer decided to introduce us to sports reporter Daniel Berk. It seems this guy really has the scoop on the whole field of happenings in local sports. Joe Ferguson talks about the phenomenon of social networking and local business' making use of this new technology for purposes of commerce.

Nativa American News from Northern Arizona - This month Jamescita Peshlakai put together an interview between Sierra Club's Andy Bessler and noted Navajo organizer and medicine man James Peshlakai (James just happens to be Jamescita's father). They are here to talk about an important event scheduled for April 4th out in Cameron the 2nd Gathering for Mother Earth. With all this talk about going green ~ some pretty large companies are courting the folks out in the Cameron area, Sempra Energy and Citizens Electric, with hopes of negotiating for the winds, thus energy, that blow across those lands. This Gathering will include NAU, scientists and business people as well as traditional Wind Ceremony medicine men to discuss all the possibilities.

Tony Norris - This week Tony is joined by his granddaughter to help him out with a lively song about a relative of theirs who goes dancing with bears. For more of Tony, his performance schedule, visit his website.

Mitzy Bellini - Just got back from sunny Panama where she got a little chicken fried suntan and got back just in time to tell us all about it. This week Mitzy brings all the lates fun activities you need to get out and about on a budget. You can always e-mail her with activities you would like posted at

Sinaqua High School - Sinaqua High School does their thing again this week with a great sum up of thall the local Ice Hockey action.If you have time you may want to get down to the valley to support the Avalanche down in the Valley this weekend the 21st....AVS (1) TO FACE PINNACLE (11) IN SEMI-FINALS : Saturday, March 21st 5:50PM Desert Coyote Center Peoria, AZ

Rob Dowers - from Eagle 103.7 is back with the FLAGNEWS week ahead in weather. Looks like Spring is HERE!!!

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