March 14, 2008

Full Show - Ok, last week we introduced all of you to the upward trajectory of gas prices...the trend continues, so we will not comment on the obvious. This week James joins Tyrus down at the soon to vanish ~ Acadia Bookstore. Martha talks about her time in the book trade and gives a couple bagpipe numbers that will put you in St. Patricks land sooner than you can say "sold to the highest bidder"

Intoduction - Tyrus starts us off from the one stop shop for painters, print makers and all the rest of Northern Arizona's art types ~ Visible Difference (on S. Beaver) just to stop in and say hi!

News - This week the news is brought to you by leprechauns and clover tattoos, Guinness and shepherds pie... James and Tyrus head down to pay the piper her dues ~ with much love and respect. Martha at Acadia Books.
Eagle 103.7 - Rob and Sam talk with Ryan and Penelope from Flag Live about some arcane, yet topical, items of interest.
Kimberly Ott - This week Kimberly Ott chats with City Utilities Director Randy Pellatz about the large amount of snow Flagstaff has received this winter and what that means to lakes and water tables in our area.  Randy also talks about the fact that we still need to conserve water and for a special treat details the beauty, quality snow, and the history of the inner basin!

Heather Ainardi - From the Flagstaff Convention and Visitors Bureau takes us to one of the real architechtural/design gems of Flagstaff, the Riordan Mansion. If you haven't visited here you'll never really know how sweet a house can be up in these parts.

Martha- Our piper here on the Mountain gives us a little taste of the pipes that'll make you misty eyed and happy all at once.

Tony Norris - Tony gives us one in the spirit of his trip to Mexico for the next couple weeks. Enjoy the sun down there Tony

Wrapup - A small signoff from Acadia's with more piping.

Sinaqua High School - gives us a fine piece on track and field lifestyle here on the side of the Mountain. Hard to imagine doing some of those things.




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