March 13 , 2009

Fullshow - This week the forsythia are starting to bloom, random crocusses reach through snow ice and our planet keeps spinning on its axis. The world is full of change ~ its a great time to start some spring cleaning [use your metaphor here], shopping local, self sufficiency, living within our means and, perhaps, abiding our physical and spiritual neighbors with better than mere tolerance.

News - We collected 9 segues from today's show: One Tyrus and Joni mention that putting a show out on Friday the 13th is not a bad thing long as you are not a member of the Knights Templar. Two Tyrus and Joni talk about the spring flower "forsythia", the fact that it is just starting to flower here in FLAG and Tyrus remembers the flower as the flower of children birthday parties and playing softball. F. suspensa (Chinese: ; pinyin: liánqiào) is considered one of the 50 fundamental herbs in Chinese herbology. Forsythia sticks are used to bow a Korean string instrument called ajaeng. Three Tyrus and Joni discuss their plans for St. Patrick's Day, celebrated on Tuesday the 17th this prom dresses, corned beef and cabbage. Four Passing talk about the state of the economy, coupled with the very real refrain of "good news fro Flagstaff". Joni introduces to the word of the week: "grumpelstilskin", as something we strive not to be. Five Here, Tyrus and Joni talk about Irish soda bread and wedding cakes with rings inside and comment on the Aristocraft Studios, the only stained glass studio in Northern Arizona. Six OK nobody is perfect. In their reaction to Tony Norris' offering this week Tyrus and Joni stumble, Tyrus mostly, over the word clodding...or clogging, in search for describing a celtic form of dance. ...hmmmm, Seven Tyrus and Jon offer Mitzy's email to our viewers (keep sending in those community announcements) and slide to the Sinaqua High School sports report. Eight Joni is an NAU grad student in real life. Here Tyrus and Joni discuss an affordable spring break activity many of you will find .....refreshing and easy on the budget. Nine adieu ~

Jessica and Justin -from the the Flagstaff Visitors Center talk about the "Exploration Pass" now being offered by the more prominent attractions here in Northern Arizona. AND The "Discovery Passport Program" ~ in this program when as you visit the attractions of our region you collect stamps, kind of like a parking validation, and when you have collected anough you return to the Visitors Center to cash them in for a prize. For mor info visit the Visitors Center website.

Kimberly Ott - The City's Economic Vitality Commission ~ the Community Investment Section ~has been working with the Coconino Community College to set up free workshops for those of us looking for a job. Thursday the 26th there will be an event called "Job Search in the 21st Century" You may want to contact the Coconino Community College to register. AND you may want to visit the City Website to keep up on other such events in our community.

AZDailySun - Editor Randy Wilson hosts our AZ Daily Sun segment: Reporter Joe Ferguson gives us an update on the Flagstaff Auto Mall happenings where Mazda and Nissan dealerships ahve opened their doors. Betsy Bruner lets us in on her St. Patrick's Day feature on local fiddler Kari Barton. Randy tells us about the Voluntary Income Tax Assistance program the folks over at United Way are helping many local's out with.

Vinnie's Cooking - The shamrocks are a' bloomin and Erin's green is a' commin. Tuesday the 17th is St. Patrick's day and Vinnie decided to offer us a delicious Irish soda bread this month. It was delicious, awfully. What we liked, almost as much as the less than soda sort of taste with this soda bread, was the fact that the raisins Vinnie used were made from grapes dried on the wood burning stove that heats his home. Talk about being a practical consumer.

Aristocraft Studios - Our very own Josh Drake, NAU student and cameraman extrordanaire, gives us a trip out to West St., on the east side of town, to show us the beautiful things being made from stained glass at the Aristocraft Studios. Well done Josh. We think they offer classes...

Tony Norris - This week Tony takes out for a reel, sort of...a jig maybe? His Irish offering for this week is an old Irish drinking song ~ Whiskey in the Jar, a song about a highwayman in the highlands. For more of Tony, his performance schedule, visit his website.

Mitzy Bellini - Just got back from sunny Florida where she picked oranges and learned to windsurf. We don't know how she does it. This week Mitzy brings all the lates fun activities you need to get out and about on a budget. You can always e-mail her with activities you would like posted at

Sinaqua High School - Sinaqua High School does their thing again this week with a top notch sports round-up. The Sinaqua Mustange softball team finishes with a 1 and 4 record in the Sunblast tournament last weekend in Anthem. The Mustang boys team is currently 4 and 3.

Rob Dowers - from Eagle 103.7 is back with the FLAGNEWS week ahead in weather. Looks like we are in for a warming trend.... we all hope.

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