March 07, 2008

Full Show - Someone once pointed, out to a politician, "It's the economy, stupid." Well with the bottom falling out of the mortgage market and the rise of the prices of just about everything in the grocery store...we couldn't help but notice the price of gasoline. This show we take a look at gas, politics, our upcoming elections, the aquaplex and more. James Jay is back from Montana ~ he joins Tyrus this week to help present the show.

Intoduction - You can trust your car to the man who wears the star....the tiger in your tank, or the stack of credit card reciepts it now takes to fill your car with gas. It just seems to be getting more and more expensive to go places in your car. I wonder how this will effect the number of visitors we have this year.... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

News - This week the news segment is fairly much an interview with a citizen we caught up with across the street from Macy's. The subject: GAS!!!!
Eagle 103.7 - Rob and Sam talk with Tyrus about the flooding of the Grand Canyon and the political inclinations of Hellen Keller.
Kimberly Ott - Our City Hall correspondent is back with us this week with a reminder about the construction goings-on down at Butler and Milton.
John Tannous - From the Flagstaff Cultural Partners gives us the rundown on what's featured out at the Coconino Center for the Arts this month. The kids art there is fantastic.

Heather Ainardi - From the Flagstaff Convention and Visitors Bureau caught up with the Recreation Manager for the City of Flagstaff Parks and Recreation ~ Jane Binder. She tells us the new Aquaplex, on 4th St., is on time and slated to open on time this coming August.

Johnny Mac - Our man with his ear to all the political transoms here on the mountain, gives us a happy reminder to get our ballots back in for the mayoral run off.

Tony Norris - Tony gives us one in the spirit of his trip to Mexico for the next couple weeks. Enjoy the sun down there Tony

Word - Back from Montana, our intrepid lit guru, James Jay, is full of a spirit that can only come from that guiet you enjoy after completing something important ...and time consuming.

Sinaqua High School - Gives yet another quality report on the intra mural competitions of our small town. Yeahhhhhhhhh Teammmmm.




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