February 22, 2008

Full Show - Well, today's show is jam packed with fascinating encounters with things you thought you knew about, but will be pleasantly surprised at the little things you don't. This week we feature the Native American News from Northern Arizona where Jamescita does some fine interviews with folks who attended the Flagstaff High School 2008 Powwow. And you'll learn a whole slew of information about the area around our little town.

Intoduction - Well, we all knew this crew was a little different. In today's opening Tyrus tells us how much he loves the Downtowner Motel sign and introduces us, as if introductions were necessary, to a little of it's cultural significance.

News - Tyrus and Joey meander their way through yet another fascinating display of local Flagstaff culture. It just goes to show that here in Flagstaff there's always just a little more than meets the eye. Only this week they decide to take a road trip out to Mormon Lake. And they get a chance to talk with one of the four guys who plows from Clints Well up to I-40 all winter...can be as much as 350 miles in one day!!!
Eagle 103.7 - Rob and Sam have a go at Tyrus' hat again ~ it's all in good fun and we love them for it.
Downtowner Motel - We asked a few passers by what they thought of the Downtowner Motel sign, where they thought it migh have come from...some of their answers you will find almost as curious as your own.
Sinagua High School- Our newest addition to the Flagnews team gives us a look at the scores and action from the local High School sports scene. Hard not to admire these kids.

Tony Norris - Tony never ceases to amaze and inspire. In this weeks segment Tony is joined by legendary siren Meghan Buchanan for an Irish melody sure to take you back.

Jamescita Peshlakai - Our Native American News from Northern Arizona correspondent, takes us to the FHS Powwow, which happened earlier this month. She ends up with quite a fine collection of interviews from participants to the event.

Sign Off - Back to the Downtowner Motel sign for a fascinating "six degrees of seperation" that connects the cultural dots from this sign in our little mountain town all the way back to a place and time everyone is sure to recognize.




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