February 15, 2008

Full Show - Take a little Route 66, a little electric bus, a dash of Phantom Vibration and a look at another contender for the Mayoral responsibilities and you begin to get an idea of today's show.

Intoduction - Tyrus starts our Friday with a visit to Arne's Potters out on old Route 66 on the west side of town. This guy has been in the same shop for 33 years!

News - Tyrus and Joey start it off with their own brand of community newscasting here on our show, kicking back on easy chairs and taking it all in stride
Eagle 103.7 - Rob and Sam razz Tyrus about his hat and that sort of thing. We liked it. They are probably the best radio duo here in town.
Heather Ainardi - Our intrepid tourist, who also just happens to live here, shows us to the Wall Aquatic Center on NAU. Why? Because this is where some of the rare breed of high altitude sports folk give their hearts a work out at 7,000 feet.

Kimberly Ott - lets us in on a really big piece of news this week. It has to do with the Hybrid Electric Bus here in Flagstaff. We gotta tell you folks. It really feels nice to know our little city is doing some big things to keep this planet GREEN!

Sinagua High School- Our newest addition to the Flagnews team gives us a look at the scores and action from the local High School sports scene.

Tony Norris - Tony is just amazing with the range of tunes and tales he has mastered, this is true. But if this one doesn't move you we'll turn in our bulldozer keys to the repo man.

Phantom Vibration - Matt Miller, that guy who, rumor has it, is largely responsible for 2nd Saturday Songwriter walk here in Flagstaff ~ plays with his trio in a vibratory phenomenon we're sure you won't forget.

David Schlosser - Johnny Mac, our political correspondent now for almost 2 years, interviews his 2nd in a series of mayoral contenders in this weeks show. We know of no other way to get to know these brave hearts but here on our show.

Sign Off - Back to the Route 66 theme and an adieu to the folks in Tempe and Phoenix who are regular viewers.




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