February 13 , 2009

Fullshow - This week's we're proud to announce the first broadcast of our AZ Daily Sun segment as part of our weekly telecast. Randy Wilson, editor of the newspaper, makes a great reporter on camera. We think he is really going to be something of a media crossover, a triathalete of sorts, as he is as smooth on camera as he is in print. We are sure you'll find him, and the entire reporting staff as gently accommodating and informed as we did shooting this premiere segment. Welcome aboard!

News - We collected 7 segues from today's show: One Tyrus and Joni discuss the 2+ feet of snow we got up here in the north country this past week. Joni and friends made camp in a garage and had a small burner of some sort while, with the garage door open, they enjoyed the snowfall. Two Tyrus and Joni talk about the trend to rediscovering the simple pleasures of life. Family, our pets, a walk in the woods or a campfire in the garafe... Because the economy is in a bit of a hibernation this year, we encourage all our viewers to remember that one needn't spend more on the credit card than we can imagine repaying in order to have a good time. This is especially true for us up here in the beautiful landscape our lives are a part of every day.. Three Joni mentions the 2009 NAU School of Arts faculty exhibition. Grom 2.10-3.28 at the NAU Art Museum. Four Tyrus and Joni welcome the AZ Daily Sun to the show . Five after Tony's great music history segment this week Tyrus and Joni make special mention of Tony and friends apearing this month in the 15th Annual Cowboy Campfire right here in the Zane Grey Ballroom the evening of the 20th. Six Tyrus recally for Joni that when he was akid in school they used to make craft Valentines...and that in those days paper paste was considered a food group for many flegling Valentine crafters. Seven an adieu of sorts that talks about all the winter sports going on up here right now....remember our new time slot ... 5:30 daily...new show each Friday!!!

Jessica Stevens - joins Justin over at the Flagstaff Visitors Center in the old train station to talk about this amazing past week of snow. They admonish us all, locals and visitors alike, to bone up on snow driving do's and don'ts...mention that if you are ever unsure of the traffic or parking conditions on our roads or at our snowplay areas you can always give them a call at 928-774-9541 to get the latest info.

Kimberly Ott reminds us that we may want to take advantage of a free seminar on Passive Solar Techniques and Sustainable Home Building being offered theough the City on the 19th.Kimberly also reminds us that we can get inexpensive green recycling bins through the City as well. For more information you may want to visit the City Website.

AZDailySun - Editor Randy Wilson hosts our first AZ Daily Sun segment: Reporter Betsy Bruner recalls an article she wrote this week on a special Flagstaff citizen: retiring FMC Senior Vice President Alice Gagnaire. Joe Ferguson gives us clues on budget cut prospects for the City and Randy makes mention of young local gent who will be taking part in the dog sled race scheduled for Mormon Lake on the 21st and 22nd.

Tony Norris - This week, Valentines Day, Tony brings us"...a story of great love." It concerns America's first family of counrty music...the Carter Family. This is an epic tale of long distance love which endured for years and years before actuallly being realized. Romance has its day in the end. For Tony's schedule visit his website. Don't miss Tony and friends for the 15th Annual Cowboy Campfire upstairs at the Zane Grey Ballroom on the 20th.

Mitzy Bellini - Once again does not fail to deliver on all the great happenings going on around town. Yeah Mitzy!!!. She wears her heart on her sweater this week andwe love her for it. You can always e-mail her with activities you would like posted at mitzybellini@gmail.com

Sinaqua High School - Sinaqua Boys basketball DID make it to the finals and ought to make a great showing it the State playoffs. Girls were not so lucke here at the end of the season ~ with 3 losses. In local hockey action the Flagstaff Avalanche is having a mixed season BUT are they exciting to watch. Catch them on the 21st at 4:15 as they square off against the Saguaro Sabercats here in the Jay Lively Ice Arena

Rob Dowers - of our very own eagle 103.7 gives us the weather this week ...and it doesn't look like we're out of the snow drifts just yet!

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