February 8, 2008

Full Show - A history lesson on Bagels from the front of our favorite ye ole Bagel shoppe, Biff's Bagels, Camels invade flagstaff and an inside look at this past weeks big happening Shelter from the Storm _ Finding a Home in Flagstaff.

Intoduction - Tyrus starts our Friday with a visit to Biffs Bagels. Tyrus lays down the historical arc of our favorite boiled bread.

News - Tyrus and Joey start it off with their own brand of community newscasting here on our show, kicking back on easy chairs here in the Weatherford Hotel.
Eagle 103.7 - Rob and Sam wag their chins with Ryan from Flag Live and discuss...yes camels with Tyrus and Joey...did we mention we love these guys!!
Heather - Our favorite provacatuer of the local flagstaff cultural scene gives us a lesson on.....the WILD camels of Northern Arizona.....no we didn't believe it either...but its TRUE!

Kate Waters gives us a reading of some of her work for this past weeks poetry slam/musical extravaganza - Shelter from the Storm - finding a home in Flagstaff - at the Wineloft.

Cody - Joey and Tyrus get a phone call in the studio from a concerned citizen about Cody's....."protesting"...you have to see this!

Sinagua High School- Our newest addition to the Flagnews team gives us a look at the scores and action from the local High School sports scene.
Kimberly Ott - Our favorite civic persona gives us some vital info about the upcoming city elections with her special guest - Flagstaff City Clerk Margie Brown.

Tony Norris - Tony gives us a great story and a John Prine song too ~ give us all the special ingredients that make Flagnews taste so good.

Avtar Khalsa - who joined in with Tony and friends this past week at the Wineloft, gives us a local tune about...well...Flagstaff.

Sign Off - Back to Biffs to see how Bagels are made and a wrap up on the flux and flow of culture in our times....and bagels...in our time




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