February 1, 2008

Full Show - Got Snow? This week's show is a snow drift of bits from all over Flagstaff. There is music, TELESCOPE, a little politics, a piece from Sinagua High School, and the Farmers Market...and that is just the beginning!!! This show is like a Louisiana PoBoy at 7,000 in January.

Intoduction - Tyrus starts our Friday with a visit to the Flagstaff Farmers Market. In this day of ubiquitous corporate retail, we who shop for the basics applaud our little mom and pop, non-corporate, grocer over on 4th St. Say hello George!

News - Tyrus and Joey start it off with their own brand of community newscasting here on our show, kicking back on easy chairs here in the Weatherford Hotel.
Kimberly Ott - gives us a little City Hall news and entertainment we know you'll find both informative and frightening. If you only new how many empty plastic bottles we don't reuse in this country...
Keri Joy Thomas - Premiere's an original opus here this week. Keri and cousin Emma Aldridge are a pair of young Sondheims in the making.

Heather from the Flagstaff Convention and Visitors Center takes us for some Jurrasic fun at the Museum of Northern Arizona. Hot tip of this week is the Therizinosaur installation. "A once-in-a-lifetime find in 2000 by Museum of Northern Arizona paleontologists led to the discovery of the most complete therizinosaur skeleton ever found." Take a peek at the cute little creature.

Coconino Center for the Arts - John Tannous, Director of the Flagstaff Cultural Partners who make their home out that way, gives us a heads up on a couple attractive musical events you'll want to hear about. You might want to make some Valentine's day plans once you hear this.

Tony Norris - Though Tony is taking the week off, he stopped in this week for a few minutes with Grand Canyon Trust's Kate Watters and Flagstaff Live's Michael Wolcott to let us all in on their plans; to present an evening of local music and spoken word entitled, "Shelter from the storm… finding home in Flagstaff" on Wednesday 8-11, Feb. 6th at: The Wine Loft 17 N. San Francisco St.
James Jay - Our literature and poetry correspondent James Jay offers us some timely and seasonal words that are sure to refine the sublime in you.

TELESCOPE- a fine local band from here in Flagstaff, makes their Television debut here with us this week. Flagsfaff Live did a great article on them last year. If you'd like to visit their blog you'll find more of their tunes for easy download HERE.

Sign Off - Tyrus says goodbye from the most unlikely of places this week. It's freezing outside and the landscape here is covered with snow, right? So he decides to signoff from the Jay Lively Activity Center while hockey buffs tear up the ice and Joey freezes behind the camera.

Johnny Mac - As part of our continuing service to the community (we plan to offer interviews with as many of the mayoral candidates that are willing to join us this year), our history and politics guy, Johnny Mac, gives us an up close and candid look at mayoral candidate Sara Presler-Hoefle.
Sinagua High School - Last, but not least ... we have this late edition breaking sports news sent to us this week from Sinagua High School. We're proud of their effort and are pleased to support their fine Sinagua High School broadcasting if intramural events here in the Flagstaff area. Go Mustangs!!!




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