January 18 , 2008

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Full Show - If there's one thing we can be thankfull for on these cold cold January nights it's warm shows like this (It's been to the negative side of the thermometer a few times this past week)

Intoduction - Tyrus starts our Friday with a visit to the Flagstaff Photography Center with the Center Director Jason Hasenbank.

Tony Norris - Tony has some special guests today. D-Squared sit for an interview and give us a couple tunes today that are really quite the thing for coco while your socks dry. Really folks, this Mayer AZ based duo are very very fine. For Tony's performance calendar click here.
News - Tyrus and Joey give us the round up of the haps here on the southern slope of our favorite mountain. If you're looking for Mary Jane...she's shopping again.
Cody Dugan...FOUND - Not sure where this is all leading but then we never want to give things away before their time, do we? Joey finally found the missing reporter...and in the most unlikely place.
Eagle 103.7 The Rob and Sam Morning Show - Ryan from Flagstaff Live joins the show, on Sam's mother's BIRTHDAY phone call from the station. This is adorable.
Kimberly Ott - Gives us an important heads up on a public meeting coming up in the VERY near future. If you have an opinion on the look and feel of the future downtown of our fair town you may want to check this out...parking meters anyone?

Heather & Jessica -The newest additions to our firmament hail from the Flagstaff Convention and Visitors Center. They'll be doing weekly installments on goings on here in FLG and we are happy to have them aboard. For their first number they introduce us to the Visitors Center in the train station and give us a peek at a local SKI THEME restaurant called Altitudes.

Bob Lomadafkie - In this month's installment of NANNA (Native American News from Northern Arizona) Jamescita Peshlakai visits the Studio/Gallery of artist and educator Bob Lomadafkie. Ishvaki Gallery is located at 111 E. Aspen. He is an asset here in the downtown and we are happy to have him opn this week's show.

D-Squared - This is the second part of their visit with us today.

Sign Off - Tyrus says auieu from the balcony of the Weatherford Hotel and Joey mixes in a little of a recently rediscovered video piece on the restoration made by local video artist and NAU Documentary Film Making legend Larry Holloway.




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