January 11 , 2008

Full Show - WOW we have a jam-packed show for you this week! Mayor Joe is in the house, Kimberly Ott gives us a civic breakdown and we have a little video treat on our snow covered Mnt. town.

Intoduction - Tyrus starts our Friday with a little chat over some Bigfoot BBQ with downtown business owner John VanLandingham .

Tony Norris - Tony gives us another special story and a gorgeous tune to make your Flag News Friday complete. We don't have to tell you Tony is a Flag News institution....cause you already know.
News - Tyrus and Mary Jane have lost Cody but they press on in search of those perfect little Flag News moments and we gotta admit there are a few gems this week.
Where is Cody Dugan? - We are not sure where Cody is but we do know good parody when we see it. Jon Stewart eat your heart out.
Eagle 103.7 The Rob and Sam Morning Show - Ryan and Penelope from Flag Live plus Rob and Sam equals wacky fun and vital information about Flagstaffs night life.
Let It Snow - Tony Norris gives us a special look at our recent snow storm and reminds us about the snow covered Flagstaff of yesteryear.

Kimberly Ott -Gives us an inside look at the land of flagstaff civics and some sage advice on snow and the sidewalks.

Mayor Joe - Flagnews welcomes Mayor Joe Donaldson to the show. Jmac talks with Mayor Joe about mayoral happenings and

Dean Bonzani - A regular on the Second Saturday Songwriters walk Deano stopped in the studio to sing us a little song about...uh....snakeskins?

Sign Off - Tyrus says bye-bye and pontificates on the winter season here in flagstaff.

Kids Beat - If this doesn't tickle the cockles of your heart nothing will. Our adorable little anchor lady Kari Joy Thomas interviews Jay Divine.



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