January 9 , 2009

Fullshow - OK, the holidays are past us now and we are all slipping into the traditional comfort of winter slipper mode. Eating and traveling and spending are behind us now and we all are sort of waiting to see what the weather and the economy bring us. Both January 20th and April 15th will be significant this year....notice the New Years countdown clock at the Weatherford is still counting? It is counting down to the inauguration of our new President!

News - We collected the 8 segues from today's show: One Tyrus and Joni seem all settled down from the gauntlet of holidays and Joni has decided it will be "dress up like Tyrus day." Two Joni reads from a book of Jill Divine poetry and Tyrus talks about wintering the season away with your old records and books until Spring. Three Tyrus reads from a collection called Best Loved Poems of the American West and Joni tells that she plans to visit Tombstone this Spring. Four Tyrus and Joni talk about the valuable service the folks at Sun Sound provide the community and the concept of volunteerism in general. Five Tyrus and Joni discuss Tony's piece this week. Six Joni admits to having Pioneer Days with her cousin Mitzy... Seven Tyrus and Joni talk about snowshoeing and the fact that the best snowshoes winter in the Valley of the Sun. Eight Adieu!

el touristo - Jessica is back with Justin at the Visitors Center in the old train station. They run us down a list of activities that will match any mood...indoors or out.

Kimberly Ott ventured out to the Coconino Center for the Arts this week to talk about arts grants with Robin Cadigan. If you have need for guidance in this area you may want to give Robin a call at 928.779.2300 ext. 104

Sun Sounds - if you were ever wondering how folks who can't read a newspaper for their seeing challanges, of those who can't get to the knobs and dials of their radios to find the news all get their news...look no further. Sun Sounds reads the Arizona Daily Sun out over the airwaves. If you are looking for a great organization that daily answers a real need in our community ~ this is it.

Tony Norris - Tony takes us down a road we are not all that ready to go down too often here on FLAGNEWS ~ but turns it into a plea for progressive clemency, after a fashion. His subject is the high rate of incarcerated Americans, with emphasis on those who wind up in prison because of substance abuse. It is a moving segment.

Mitzy Bellini - Gives us a premonition of Springtime, with floppy bunny ears and some disco sunglasses, and spells out the lowdown on all events prime here in the North Country. Mitzy Bellini...in the Mix ... You can always e-mail her with activities you would like posted at mitzybellini@gmail.com

Sinaqua High School - is back in the house with basketball action this week. For those of you who have been missing their "2 minute drill" segments here on our show this will be a welcome relief of basketball madness.

Rob Dowers - From Eagle 103.7 radio's Morning Show with Rob & Sam, is our guest weather personality this week. He does a great job of making it all sound so easy ~ . Check out his morning show at: MORNING SHOW

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