January 4 , 2008

Full Show - FLG News is back for the new year and KNOCKS the first show of the new year OUT OF THE PARK!!! Watch this and tell your friends you knew us when!

Intoduction - Tyrus and Nancy - owner of The Downtown Diner - do some coffee talkin at the best breakfast counter in Flagstaff.

Tony Norris - If you loved Tony's Christmas story then you will be glued to your seat for this story about a man and the love of a good dawg!
News - Tyrus motivates MaryJane to give us a symposium on Hybrid cars and Cody joins us live from Grandons Art Gallery to fill us in on how much - cough cough- or how little... he knows about Willie Nelson.
Eagle 103.7 - We caught up with Ryan and Penelope from Flagstaff Live doing their bit on the Rob and Sam morning show.
Flagstaff Cultural Partners - John and Gillian gives us the low down on this months activites at FCP. Don't miss this!
Greg Hales - Our very own technical wizard Greg Hales takes us on a minature journey with BIG results in what promises to be a Flag News Classic. CHOOO CHOO!

James Jay - brings us a special interview with local poet Jill Divine who discusses the release of her new book of poetry "Game" which was published by Flagstaffs very own Two Dog Press.

Karna Otten - Local musician Karna Otten gives us a song worth every penny and your undivided attention!

Sign Off - Tyrus wraps up the show with a special family moment when his little sister Kerry shows up on the set for a warm and cuddly Flagnews moment.

Pine Cone Drop - Of course we were there!!! Yes up on the roof! We dropped the credits this week just so you could see the Pine Cone from a vantage point that the little people down on the street just couldn't see.

now you can ...Watch in FLASH



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